Outdoor Utility Bag

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Purposeful & Practical

Advocates for purposeful, practical ways that enhance the enjoyment in all outdoor recreation and travel adventures.

Giving Back to Communities

We give back by preserving, protecting and sustaining the outdoors of every local community we encounter.

Environmental Awareness

Care takers of the outdoors and natural resources; we are stewards of the environments we travel and take pride in leaving no trace behind.


We value the beauty of clean natural landscapes and respect the sensibility of contributing to sustainable ecosystems.

No matter the destination, our products will never let you down or go out of style!

We want to encourage and support all outdoor lifestyles by making any travel and recreation adventure easier, cleaner, simpler and more enjoyable. As true adventurists, explorers, outdoor enthusiasts and advocates for cleaner lands, seas and skies, we designed the Caddycan® unrivaled in quality and craftsmanship. As a multi-functional travel companion gear it enables you the ease and convenience to unclutter your personal space of any debris and responsibly protect the environment.

So on your next adventure, whether it’s hiking, biking, picnicking, a road trip, golfing, fishing, boating, kayaking or even simply food shopping; the Caddycan® will allow you to easily and conveniently remove, conceal and secure any debris, so you can have a cleaner, safer and more enjoyable experience along the way.