Caddycan on the Road

car garbage can

Take Your Portable Car Garbage Can on the Road

Ah, the automobile. If not for dogs, this great American invention and tradition would be man’s best friend. We use them for work and pleasure. They go with us almost everywhere, sticking around for decades sometimes. They take care of us by being reliable, so we baby them with
weekly washes, waxing, and vacuuming.

We, humans, are simple travelers on a flying rock trying to find our way. Our cars and trucks help us on that journey. But sometimes we can get a little careless in our busy lives and end up with a cluttered vehicle. Something that a particular neat-freak friend of mine would deem blasphemy. His truck is not even allowed out in the rain!

Family vacation mess.
One of the easiest ways to dirty up your car is to haul a family of four to the beach. By the time you arrive, there will be eight empty cans of soda, two fast food bags, and maybe a stray animal on the floorboard!

Hey, it’s a long ride, so no judgment here. Only solutions. Our portable car trash can was made for such occasions. You can simply toss your cans and food wrappers into the handy bag, keeping your interior looking respectable. Not only that, but you can save $12 on to-go drinks by carrying drinks from home in the Caddycan! Boom! More money to use on seafood buffets.

Trips you don’t want to make Now don’t get all sappy on me. But I gotta tell you, cars play a significant role in some sad trips. If you don’t believe it, just wait until you drive your oldest kid off to college.

Those are some lonely miles back home. The floorboard will be full of Kleenex… unless you keep three tiny household garbage can in the car like grandparents are known to do! A Caddycan portable car trash can is a better option, folks.

The good thing about that drive to the college is knowing the kiddo won’t forget the emotional ride either. They’ll be back. The forgotten Sunday drive
Now, not all long rides are sad. If you have never gotten in your truck to hit the road with nowhere in particular in mind, plan on changing that this weekend. It seems the Sunday drive, often aimless, lost momentum back when gas prices were around $3/gallon in 2010.

A Sunday drive can be done alone or with a mate, without GPS, and should be recommended by psychologists everywhere. It’s such a peaceful activity. Why? Because it has no point, no goal, and no time limit. This stress-busting drive lets you:
● See new sights.
● Get your mind off the real world.
● Enjoy a new climate just an hour away sometimes.
● Open up to new ideas.

Money on wheels.
So, I’ve heard plenty of people complain about car payments. You’ve heard it too, right? Well, what about thanking cars for making us money in the first place? Without these machines, we’d be walking in the rain, sleet, heat, and snow just to get to the office. And without a work truck, how would anything get built in this country?

Car payments are part of the deal, I’m afraid. But it’s a fair trade-off seeing as how most people bring home the bacon via car or truck. We built the Caddycan for hard-working folks out there who are grinding 50-60 hours a week. It’s easy to let trash build up in our vehicles when working from the road or going straight from work to the kids’ ball games. The Caddycan is a better place for everyday trash than hiding it between the seats!

Tailgate goodness.
There’s little doubt that tailgating ranks as one of America’s favorite pastimes. Heading out to the ballgame and eating like kings (or barbarians) before kickoff is heaven on Earth. And you need a decent-sized vehicle to haul 400 wings, 25 subs, and a mobile cocktail bar. You can’t host a stadium-side party in a Jetta!

These tailgate events are some of the most memorable gatherings ever. They are ground zero for college spirit and family tradition. Young romances bloom as fight songs crank up. And strangers discuss game strategy as if they were coaches instead of accountants and truck drivers!

The downside of tailgating is hard to find. But if you’ve ever walked through a downtown area after a game, it becomes apparent. People are not as fired up about cleaning as they were about their Heisman hopeful quarterback. Hey, it’s human nature, thinking someone else will come along to clean up the cups, bottles, and paper plates.

We love a good game and tailgate as much as anybody. And we think these events can stay clean… if it’s convenient to do so. Caddycan is just as convenient as tossing a cup in the back of the truck to blow away later. Just toss the cup in the Caddycan instead. No extra effort is needed.

Plus, you can avoid rolling a 20-pound cooler to your shady spot on game day. Just pack the cold drinks in your Caddycan, which holds ice when you add the waterproof sleeve. Tailgating just got easier and cleaner!