A family sitting at the table with fruit and a laptop.



The Caddycan® companion offers you a new sensible, efficient, and clean recreation and travel experience that makes everything you do and everywhere you go more practical, easier, and enjoyable.


A green and white drawing of an electric kettle.

Swival Plastic D-Ring Clip for Adjustable Straps.

Utility Rubber Opening with Automatic Close

Tough, Sturdy #10 Zippers

Multi-Purpose Utility Pocket

A drawing of an object in the shape of a box.

Water Resistant Vinyl Lining

Heavy-Duty Velcro

600 Denier Commercial Grade Fabric

5/8″ Closed Cell Foam Flotation

A drawing of a bucket with a hose attached to it.

Nylon Rope with Locking Adjustments

Interior Water Resistant Pop-up Liner

Nickel Plated Erosion Controlled Compression Coil Wrapped in Nylon