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5 Ways to Add Mindfulness to Your Outdoor Adventures

Portable Garbage Bin for the Outdoors

Caddycan’s Guide to Infusing Summer Explorations with Intentionality 

Summer continues rolling on, and it’s the perfect season for outdoor adventures. A relentless drive for exploration motivates many Americans to seek our national gems despite a changing travel industry. Whether you are hiking Zion or camping in the Smoky Mountains or opting for a fun dose of Vitamin Sea at Rosemary beach â€” we’re here to help you up your mindfulness game.

1. Plan Ample Time to Travel and Prepare

There’s nothing worse than making an effort for an expedition and feeling overwhelmed from the get-go. In a world that profits from absorbing every last drop of our free time, we often do not physically and mentally prepare appropriately for what’s next. Allow yourself buffer time to pack up – whether it’s a day trip or month-long vacation! Last-minute packing often leads to squashing the car full of non – essentials or even forgetting expensive specialty gear. You’ll be thanking us later and enjoying some extra waves in place of scrambling for a wetsuit.

2. Make Small Changes Towards Zero Waste

Include your reusable water bottle and coffee cup on your camping trip. Insulated multi-purpose tumblers are great for beach picnics too! Consider a one–time investment in a set of eco–friendly travel utensils. There are lots of styles on the market right now that can be easily packed and washed. You’ll feel more at ease in Mother Nature, including conscious decisions, to reduce your consumption. After all, compassion is one of the tenants of mindfulness and should be extended not only to ourselves and those around us but to our earthly home too.

3. Pack your Caddycan

Despite zero waste efforts, food garbage can quickly build up during a camping trip, fishing expedition, or beach day. Keep your space clean and your crew safe from bugs and wildlife by disposing of your trash (or bait, or diapers!) in our easily portable garbage bin . Caddycan portable trash bin comes in classic and junior sizes to accommodate all needs. We’re proud to elevate your tailgating or sailing experience with our insulated, waterproof Peva sleeve that can be easily removed, cleaned, and reused. Versatility is our middle name, and littering is never okay.

4. Download a Meditation App and Try an Outdoor Session

The market is flooded with tools meant to be utilized from the palms of our hands. Let experts guide you towards clearer, unburdened thinking with a short (or long) free session. Studies show engaging in a variety of mindfulness practices outdoors leads to more significant health benefits. (mindful.org) If new apps or silence aren’t in the cards for you right now, we recommend gardening or bird–watching as a meditative activity.

5. Detox From Your Screens

An oldie but goodie, commit to the full adventure and unplug from your social channels. Let nature captivate your mind but don’t feel bad for stopping for the occasional selfie. Just remember the people around us are the best social network.