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Pack a Caddycan Picnic Like a Pro

Portable Picnic Mini Trash Can

Fresh ideas to shift your on-the-go snacking into an adventure

As a truly versatile multi-use bag and mini trash can, one of our favorite gigs for Caddycan is the party picnic! Picnics really round out a sunset sail or paddleboarding expedition. Island hop with ease, knowing you’ve got a healthy lunch covered, and bonus! You can throw that food and drink trash right in the Caddycan portable trash can to keep clean up simple. Here are two themed ways to level up your next picnic excursion.

1. Tropical Summer Snacker

Buy in-season produce and enjoy the wholesome taste of sunshine! Florida oranges. Georgia peaches, vibrant mangoes, and delicious blackberries are all great hits for summer fruits – especially as they offer a more sustainable edge while it’s their season. Whether you’re off the coast of the Carolinas or sailing in the gulf, take your taste buds south of the border with some homemade ceviche that can be easily packed in a Tupperware and kept fresh by cold packs with the help of the power couple that is the Caddycan/Peva sleeve. Ceviche can be made with whatever fresh seafood you have on hand and awakens taste buds with citrus juices that cook the fish (fact: ceviche is NOT raw!) Check out this guide about Peru’s national food to learn more about the origins and myths surrounding the dish. We also love this straightforward and easy-to-use a recipe from Food & Wine. Batch some tasty margaritas or grab a few Mexican sodas, and your themed picnic is ready to sail.

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2. Taste of the Mediterranean Isles

Enjoy fresh, juicy, and accessible tomatoes with an ode to Italy! Quickly craft Caprese bites with just a few simple ingredients: cherry tomatoes, pearl mozzarella, and basil leaves. This salad, traditionally known as the Insalata Caprese, is rumored to have been created in the early 1920s as a genuinely tangible – and tasty – a patriotic homage to the Italian flag. Take the bites on the go by layering the tomato, cheese, and herbs on a toothpick and finishing with salt, pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil. They’re refreshing and easy to transport. Compliment your Caprese bites with another Italian summer classic: the Aperol Spritz! The now infamous spritz, created circa 1919, contains the Italian aperitif Aperol, bubbly prosecco, and seltzer water. It’s definitely a cocktail you either love or you hate – but totally easy to mix on the go. Stash some Pinot Grigio for those who might not like Aperol, and you’ve got a wine spritzer bar ready to rock. Round out your meal with this epic recipe for pressed Italian picnic sandwiches.

A letter c is shown in the middle of a circle.

While 2020 may not be what any of us expected, there’s still space to make memories and share laughs. Enjoy food and sunshine with those you love – we promise you won’t regret it. Do your part and keep the environment clean with this portable mini trash can.