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Local Ocean Cleanups: Show Up For Your Beaches & Community

Marine Trash Can and Portable Utility Bag for Local Beach Cleanups

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September has arrived, and with it comes the humming buzz of back to school and nostalgic feelings about summer’s end. While this summer looked quite different for many of us, it is still exciting to think of the outdoor adventures and community opportunities that won’t vanish as the temperature begins to drop.

According to the Ocean Conservancy, September 2020 is designated as the “2020 International Coastal Cleanup.†The organization provides action plans to inspire local communities to take charge of their favorite beach or outdoor space. Ocean Conservancy keeps COVID19 safety guidelines at the forefront by encouraging individual clean-up outings and suggesting small, socially distant groups working together.

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Their website provides an array of resources for both safely planning and completing your Clean Up, and for altering behaviors in home spaces to curb the production line of waste that eventually ends up in our beautiful waters. The ICC encourages us to #CleanOn and do our part to protect our ecosystems from trash. Check out their tools, maps, and tips online and do your part this September!

If a cleaning excursion is not possible for you this month, there are many ways to consciously work towards protecting our beaches, reefs, environment, and bodies. One World One Ocean suggests the app Seafood Watch and the website Fish2Fork to consider if your seafood purchases both in the grocery store and your local restaurants are sustainably fished dishes. Sushi one of your favorite date night indulgences? Seafood Watch’s website also includes resources to “find out if your favorite sushi is sustainable.†Turn a rainy day with your kids into a craft and letter – writing project by penning notes to your representatives about ranging legislative proposals on important environmental protections and reforms. Share your letters and responses with us!

Of course, we at CaddyCan encourage dedicated stewardship of all our waterways and special natural landscapes. Integrate the multi-use and versatile CaddyCan in any and every outdoor expedition to help keep trash from permanently destroying our earthly home. Keep kids accountable and responsible from a young age by insisting that proper set – up and clean – up are non – negotiable parts of any and every day of adventures. Our truly portable utility marine trash bag is easy to clean, water-resistant, and seals tightly.

With our marine trash can product meeting your picnic, fishing, ocean – clean up, campsite trash, and tailgating needs, we’re excited to see where you and your CaddyCan go next. CaddyCan helps make sure you leave nothing but your footprints behind. Go with purpose.